The New World of Healthcare: What Millennials Want

News 12.13.2016


We know Millennials are changemakers. Countless reports have told us so.

The hunger to understand them makes sense. After all, Millennials have officially surpassed Baby Boomers as the world’s largest generation. Getting a handle on this generation’s character is paramount for anyone who has Millennial patients, consumers, employees, friends, and family.  However, there hasn’t been much research examining how Millennials’ proclivity towards change-making and dialogue shows up in healthcare, an industry undergoing enormous volatility. 

Players in healthcare continue to cling to a time-tested model: a Primary Care Physician serves as a loyal advisor for patients, and a trusted intermediary for pharmaceutical companies and insurers. Increasingly, Millennials reject that model, while seeking alternatives that simply do not exist. So, they’re rolling up their sleeves, to make the change they wish to see: right now, a million flowers are blooming. Most of these alternatives are flawed, and none are dominant, presenting both enormous risk and opportunity for healthcare as a whole.

Over the course of this paper, we’ll define what Millennials wish to see, explore root causes, and make some recommendations for co-creating a new approach to health that will work for Millennials’ preferences, while still protecting their health.

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Lynn Vos
Lynn Vos
New York, NY